Two of the most stressful yet exciting things you can take on in life are selling your home and preparing for a move. While you get the unique chance of starting fresh in a new space, you're also faced with many variables and opportunities for things to go wrong. The timing is everything when you're selling your home and preparing to move simultaneously. So, this blog will cover a few best practices around selling and moving simultaneously.

We're Apex Moving and Storage; a trusted Nashville moving company that has helped thousands of customers navigate this wild experience. With an A+ rating from the BBB, among numerous other awards, we've established our reputation as the best moving help in Nashville. With all the traffic, hoards of people moving to the city, and skyrocketing home market, we're the experts that Nashville turns to for guidance.

When to Start Preparing for Your Move

As soon as your home goes on the market. When you list your home, you should search for residential movers in Nashville. With how quickly real estate is being bought up in the city, you'll likely sell fast. While this is excellent news, it gives you a limited time frame and means that you need to hustle a little bit to nail down a moving and storage company.

Things Happen Quick

When you're about one week out of your official move date, it's time to really start pulling things together. Call and double-check with your moving company that everything is still on track and ready to go. Along with this safety measure, also consider the following steps:

  • Confirm that Your Closing Date is still Accurate
  • Clean Every Room in Your Home and Make Sure that it's Move-In Ready
  • Cancel Your Existing Home Owners Insurance
  • Make Sure that You Have the Keys to Your New Home

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