Nashville temperatures soar during the summer months, and typically hover around the high 90s with a large percentage of humidity. Moving in the heat presents a host of challenges and potential issues that can arise. Be prepared beforehand by knowing what to plan and look for including:

Move on a Weekday

With summer being the busiest season to move, moving companies can fill up quickly on the weekends and ruin your potential moving plans. Plan ahead, and if possible schedule your move on a weekday to avoid headache and stress down the road. Remember to check moving routes and plans whether you are moving locally or long distance, so that you can be aware of potential delays or closures.

Stay Hydrated

It’s essential to keep both your moving team and your family hydrated to avoid heat stroke, fainting, and any other heat-related ailments. If fans are available, plug them in to give everyone a break from the heat.

Dress Right

Even with higher temperatures, remember to wear closed-toe shoes and avoid wearing jewelry or any other items that can get caught during the move.

Plan for Kids and Pets

Because of the heat, kids and pets will want more attention during a naturally chaotic time. To keep them safe, considering hiring a babysitter for the day so you can truly focus on moving.

Items to Avoid

There are some items that should not be placed in a hot moving truck. These include candles, particular food items, leather furniture (if kept in plastic), DVDs and electronics. Plan ahead to find a different moving solution for these items.

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