Apex Moving + Storage is proud to be a committed partner of Move For Hunger, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food insecurity in the United States. Apex Moving + Storage has been integral in Move For Hunger’s goal of helping families in need of meals all across the nation. In this blog post, we will discuss Move For Hunger and the various contributions we have made to them and how this relationship has come to be so beneficial for those in need of food assistance.

What Is Move For Hunger?

Move For Hunger is an organization that works to address the immediate issue of hunger in the U.S, while also highlighting the importance of addressing food waste. In the United States, it is estimated that 35% of the food supply is wasted. This is a staggering amount of food that could be used to feed those in need. By reducing food waste, Move For Hunger can have a significant impact in the fight against hunger all throughout the nation.

How Apex Moving + Storage Has Contributed

Since its inception in 2009, Move For Hunger has built a network of moving companies to help fight against food waste, and that includes Apex Moving + Storage! We are proud to be a valuable partner for Move For Hunger and have helped them with their cause by helping provide more than 20,449 meals to the local community and more than 1,556,174 meals in total. We’ve been able to accomplish this by hosting many successful food drives and fundraising events with the main goal of providing meals for those in need. As a result of our contributions to Move For Hunger, we have earned a Mover Of The Year award which is a reflection of our commitment to providing meals to reduce food insecurity in the United States and highlighting the amount of food that is wasted each year.

Striving For A Less Wasteful Future

The partnership between Apex Moving + Storage and Move For Hunger has been an extremely beneficial one for both parties involved. For us, the partnership has allowed us to give back to the community in a very impactful way. In addition, the partnership has also helped to raise awareness about the issue of food insecurity in the United States. For Move For Hunger, the partnership has been instrumental in helping them to achieve its mission of reducing food insecurity in the United States. To date, Move For Hunger has distributed over 27 million meals to families in need, and Apex Moving + Storage has played a significant role in making this possible.