Your pets are members of the family and they also experience stress on moving day. Your cat, dog, or other animal will not understand the commotion around them or the reasons behind your move, so it’s important to make their journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. The premier Nashville movers at Apex Moving & Storage want to ensure your pets get settled in your new home successfully alongside you. Before and during moving day, make sure to:
  • See your vet: During your pet’s checkup, make sure to get refills of all prescriptions, the necessary vaccinations, and any medical information needed for travel or your new vet. Ask for a referral in your new neighborhood if you don’t already have one.
  • Update your pet’s tag: Be sure to update your pet’s tag with your new address and contact information before your move.
  • Prepare extra medications and food: Keep extra meds and food in a place that’s easy to access throughout your move in case of an emergency. Have at least a week’s worth of food and medication ready.
  • Keep pets safe during moving day: Keep your pets in a quiet bathroom or bedroom, out of the way of the movers. If your cat or dog is anxious in new situations, provide toys and treats and try to comfort them whenever possible during moving day.
  • Check with your airline: Check with your airline in advance and make all necessary preparations for your pet’s flight in the cabin or cargo section of the plane.
  • Help your pets settle in: Unpack familiar things first in your new home, such as food bowls, the litter pan, and toys. Keep all doors and windows closed until your pet adapts to the new surroundings.
Apex Moving will do everything possible to make Nashville moving stress-free for every member of your family – including pets! Contact us now, and let us know how we can help you move to or from Nashville.