Planning a move typically requires advanced planning, customization, and a highly trained moving crew from a reliable company. If your move involves multiple specialty and fragile items, it’s essential to work with specialized movers that have both the experience and knowledge required to complete the move without any broken items or unnecessary stress.

What are some tips for protecting your valuables while moving?

Declare High-Value Items

Whether you need a company that specializes in fine arts moving, or other large items such as pianos, cars, etc., Apex Moving provides multiple moving solutions created for specific specialty items. Often, a high-value inventory form is used to declare high-value items that need to be given extra care, handling, and protection.

Take a Quick Inventory

While it’s not essential to document each and every item being moved, it’s helpful to take a photo and write a small description for large, specialty, and expensive items. This provides you with documented proof both during and after the move.

Ensure Adequate Wrapping

Wrapping items before a move with packaging, bubble wrap, and furniture covers reduces the chance of bumps, scrapes, and missing paint. With Apex Moving, we provide sturdy moving boxes and supplies as well as custom crating options for specialty items shipping around the country or world.

Specialty move no longer need to be stressful and complicated. With Apex Moving, you can rest assured that your items are protected both during and after your move. After submitting an initial quote and scheduling an in-home estimate, we can provide you with exact details regarding any specialty items.

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