There's a reason why our Nashville movers are busiest during the hotter months. We become inundated with phone calls, quote requests and appointments -- in fact, almost every mover in the country feels the heat of summer (in more ways than one). Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. We love making people's transitions simple and stress-free. After all, we've been doing it since 1972. But we're often questioned about our influx in summer business. The most commonly posed question is why.

"Why are you so damn busy right now?"  There are several answers to that question, actually:
  • The Weather: People just love to move when it's warm. Relocating during cold, bitter, snowy months can take a painful toll on your body and mind. As soon as the weather turns around, however, families, businesses -- you name it -- get ready to kick their moves into gear.
  •  Other Industry Booms: Movers aren't the only professionals to experience seasonal sales spikes. Business for real estate agents around the country also picks up as homes go on the market. Naturally, the correlation between home sales and booked moves is not a coincidence.
  •  Marriage: Summer also happens to be wedding season. It's convenient and beautiful; the flowers are in bloom. It just feels like the right time to settle down and move into a starter home.
  •  Kids: Last but not least, the kids are on summer break. A three-month vacation is the perfect time to transition. It makes sense logistically and, if your family isn't moving locally, it helps with the acclimation process. This is usually the most important factor for parents and their kids.
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